Sat 08 Mar 2014 Source: HUKOOMI

Qatar made sports history in 2010 when it became the first Middle Eastern and Arab country to win the bid to host the FIFA World Cup. Already a passionate nation for sports – having hosted many international tournaments over the years, including the 15th Asian Games in 2006 – Qatar will completely transform itself once again to welcome the world's greatest sporting event in 2022!

As expected, football is one of Qatar's favorite sports. There are 20 club teams in Qatar – 12 playing in the country's top league, and the others playing in a lower division. In spite of its size, Qatar's national football team is among FIFA's top 100 ranking.

Besides soccer, Qataris practice a great variety of sports, ranging from those with traditional roots, such as falconry and horse racing, to the world's favorite games, such as football and tennis.Qatar has taken part in the Summer Olympic Games since 1984, and has won two medals.

The Qatar Olympic Committee is responsible for most sporting events and sports promotion in the country.